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(Completed in Green River, Utah in 2023)
I designed and completed the final editing of Why This Place?: A Future-Forward Retrospective, an anthology book featuring essays, poems, interviews, and illustrations reflecting on the past decade of work at Epicenter in Green River, Utah.
I aimed for this book’s design to recall the plentiful geological field reports done for the region. The cartographical details create a loose framework for organizing a wide variety of pieces from different authors while gesturing towards the future.
Print copies of the 208 page second edition are available on Epicenter’s website.
Light blue and orange colored book on a wooden deck. The Why This Place future forward retrospective is a reflection on Epicenter's creative art, architecture, and public-interest or social design work in rural Green River, Utah.
Book introduction and table of contents in the Why This Place book in the style of a scientific field report or guide. The colors and bar lengths reflect the seasonal colors and depth of the Green River as it passes through town.