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The Green River Observer

(Ongoing in Green River, Utah since 2024)
I design and publish (and write most of) a monthly print and digital newsletter covering the news and culture of Green River, Utah. While there is a growing number of Substack subscribers, I focus on mailing physical copies to each of the 500 PO boxes in town. There is no local USPS delivery in Green River, so everyone who receives mail here gets a copy of The Green River Observer.
With the tagline “News from the Middle of Everywhere”, I aim to share what’s interesting to people who live in or have loved Green River in a way that neither exaggerates nor dismisses the importance of what happens here.
The Observer is a project of a company I started called Saleratus Press to create regionally-focused publications and do a little bit to fill the hyperlocal small town news gap. For more background, check out this profile that The Moab Sun News did on the project.