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(Completed in 2024 in Green River, Utah)
I designed and made a folding rack to display merchandise for the 6th annual Green River Rocks festival, and regular Epicenter merchandise the rest of the year. The rack is about 48″ tall, 40″ wide, and 24″ deep at its base, a size that fits comfortably within the bed of a late model Toyota Tacoma truck, for easy transport. Despite its compact surface area, the thin, metal cable-bolstered white zine shelves and the pegboard accommodate a lot of different size objects. Removable plywood shelves provide space for bigger objects and semi-hidden storage for stock.
I designed the rack using a 1/2″ scale model, aiming for a light and utilitarian aesthetic. I think it’s important make a thing slightly more durable than it needs to be so that it’s open to more heavy-duty future uses. I also get a kick out of the overbuilt pieces, like the anchor bolt extension locks and the metal cable clamps, because of their little bit of industrial whimsy.